Logistik and Ports

The logistics industry is a key economic factor in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, and is responsible for more than 330,000 jobs in a variety of segments. Thanks to the Port of Hamburg as an international goods transhipment centre and the city’s long history of offering a high level of logistics expertise, the metropolitan region is the leading location for logistics and logistics-related services in Germany.

Growing international trade, driven by increasing globalisation, and the ever-booming e-commerce market make logistics services a more and more sought-after commodity. Customers are demanding more in terms of speed, efficiency and sustainability, and these demands must be met by new, innovative logistics concepts – and not just for the so-called “last mile”. The needs associated with modern inner-city logistics and a shortage of skilled workers pose further challenges to the industry.

Supporting the business location of the Southern Metropolitan Region of Hamburg – and especially in a key sector such as logistics – is something that Süderelbe AG views one of its core tasks in its efforts related to economic and regional development. Süderelbe AG has launched various projects and initiatives to provide expert advice to the companies located here on how to actively shape the future of the industry.

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Office for the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg

Since 2015, Süderelbe AG has served as the administrative office of the logistics initiative for the entire metropolitan region.