Logistics Initiative office

The Logistik-Initiative Hamburg was founded in 2006 to bolster and lastingly secure Hamburg’s status as a globally recognised and leading logistics location in Northern Europe.
Its efforts focus on maintaining and expanding existing networks in addition to promoting innovations and new technologies for various areas of activity, such as the so-called “last mile” within the logistics sector.

Since 2015, Süderelbe AG has served as the administrative office of the logistics initiative for the entire metropolitan region. In this capacity, Süderelbe AG represents the interests of the metropolitan region within the logistics initiative and advocates on behalf of the companies based in the region.

As the administrative hub of the initiative, Süderelbe AG is also responsible for the annual labour market monitoring of the logistics initiative and is involved in various working groups.

As part of the joint project “SMILE – Smart Last Mile Logistics”, which is committed to sustainable delivery over the last mile, Süderelbe AG is striving to initiate and implement (sub)projects in the metropolitan region. For example, the city of Lüneburg is well-suited for testing innovative and sustainable delivery concepts.


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