Mobility in the South Elbe Region

In our society, mobility is of great importance not only when it comes to providing public services, but also for growth and prosperity. In fact, mobility plays a key role in enabling people to participate in social life. To maintain a high quality of life, people need to be able to easily reach their workplaces, services of all kinds and, in particular, stores selling goods for daily needs and facilities providing medical services.

Individual transport, especially by car, is particularly important in rural regions. Indeed, when options for local public transit are no longer available, the car is often the only means of transportation available to enable medium and longer distances to be covered flexibly, reli-ably and comfortably. At the same time, it is also necessary to create mobility options other than cars – especially for younger and older individuals. Particularly in rural areas, but also in the South Elbe Region, there is already room for improving these kinds of mobility alterna-tives.



What’s more, for economic reasons, it is also necessary to bolster the region’s mobility in-frastructure and maintain its connection to Hamburg. Such efforts benefit not only the re-gional economy, but also the local tourism industry.

To devise viable and sustainable solutions for rural areas, it is necessary to come up with creative solutions and foster innovative forms of mobility. Süderelbe AG is involved in these efforts as a partner in several projects.