Süderelbe AG

Süderelbe AG takes an innovative approach to economic and regional development. The aim of Süderelbe AG is to transcend district and federal-state borders to help the entire region develop economically in a shared and sustainable manner. With its cutting-edge infrastructure, the Southern Metropolitan Region of Hamburg forms the sphere of activity of the company’s work, which focuses on leading and future industries. The company’s project activities enhance the Southern Metropolitan Region of Hamburg and northern Lower Saxony as a competitive business location attractive to both German and international companies.

In addition to its extensive knowledge of the business location, Süderelbe AG also boasts outstanding expertise in the areas of logistics and ports, the food industry, the aerospace industry and specialist marketing. Another focus of its work is marketing commercial space and real estate in the region.

The organisation is set up as a private-public partnership, and the company’s shares are held by administrative districts, cities and municipalities, mutual savings banks and companies from various sectors.

Together with its shareholders and project partners, Süderelbe AG champions growth, value creation and jobs. It plays an active role in helping to shape the South Elbe Region.

The Süderelbe AG team currently consists of around 20 employees with expertise in planning and implementing large-scale economic and regional development projects.