Management Board

Dr. Olaf Krüger

CEO of Süderelbe AG


Olaf Krüger was born in Hamburg. After graduating from high school and performing his mandatory military service, he earned a degree in business from the University of Hamburg as well as a doctorate in economic history. After holding his first position abroad and then spending six years at the economic development agency of the City of Lübeck as a project leader for location marketing and company settlement, he founded the economic development agency of the south-western German city of Sindelfingen and served as its first managing director.

From 2012 to 2014, he served as managing director of WiREG, which works for the north-western German city of Flensburg and the administrative district of Schleswig-Flensburg in the areas of economic development, regional development and innovation promotion. Krüger has many years of experience in location management.